5 Things to Do After Dental Surgery

Dental emergencies may occur anytime anywhere unexpectedly. It’s essential to recognize dental emergencies, act with care, and follow what is necessary after having a dental emergency. So, here’s 5 things you must do after a dental emergency to keep handy.  Bookmark this page for easy reference!


Removal of wisdom teeth, infected teeth, or a bone spur are common dental emergencies.  Following any minor dental surgery (like surgical extractions) make sure to…

#1)Eat soft food

Generally, it takes anywhere between two to weeks for a complete recovery of a socket after surger. So, it’s better not to irritate the extraction site until it heals properly. You should not take any hard or crunchy food during the first couple of days after removing your teeth. You can help yourself to soft and slightly cold food or beverages initially. If possible, it’s better to bite from the opposite side for a few days. You can continue your normal biting and chewing patterns once the socket is healed properly.

#2) Maintain your dental hygiene as usual but with care

Maintaining your routine dental care is important for the fast healing of the wound site. Start brushing your teeth 24 hours after the extraction. Brush around the extraction site with gentle motions making sure that the area won’t get irritated. Continue brushing and flossing the other area as usual because good dental hygiene accelerates healing.

You can use an extra soft bristled toothbrush to minimize irritation during this time.  We recommend the GUM brand post-surgery toothbrush or the Curapox post-surgery toothbrush. Each of these has ultra-fine and ultra-soft bristles that will lift way debris and stuck food, but won’t prick your surgical site like medium/hard bristled toothbrushes.  Additionally, only apply enough pressure to lightly bend the bristles when brushing after surgery.  If your bristles are flat, you’re using WAY TOO MUCH STRENGTH!

#3) Use pain and anti-inflammatory medications as recommended by your dentist

Post extraction or surgical medications will help you relieve any pain or discomfort throughout the recovery period. So, it’s necessary to take them as recommended. Antibiotics especially must be taken for the recommended period even if you feel better after some time.

Not into antibiotic medication? No problem.  We recommend  some best-in-class over-the-counter products to get rid of your discomfort. StellaLife VEGA oral care recovery kit is made from a homoeopathic extraction from botanical plants and minerals to assist with pain, healing, and promote wellness. The best thing about the VEGA brand is that it reduces the need for opioids and steroids and is clinically studied and proven to show similar results to prescription brands. It consists of an antimicrobial rinse, pain-relief spray, and an award-winning topical gel to accelerate healing.

#4) Apply ice to reduce the swelling

It’s normal for your face to be swollen up after dental surgery. Make sure to apply ice to the jaw of the affected site for 30 minutes, remove it for 15 minutes, and do it again. The swelling should subside gradually within two to three days. If not, consult with your dentist as soon as possible.

#5) Arrest bleeding

You might have some bleeding in the first 24 hours after the dental surgery. Gently bite on a gauze pack or a cotton pellet for 30 minutes. If bleeding continues change the pack and repeat the procedure. Bleeding should stop within the day. If it continues to bleed seek professional attention immediately.

DO NOT apply suction to the site or spit out small amounts of pooling blood.  You may accidentally discharge the forming blood clot and end up with a painful issue called dry socket.



Just like after any other surgery, you need to take plenty of rest after surgical tooth removal to ensure a fast recovery. Be wise not to do any strenuous work in the first two weeks to avoid any post-surgical complications like opening up the wound, swelling, and unbearable pain.


Follow these simple tips to recover soon after any dental surgery.




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