Biocompatible Fillings

Biocompatible Fillings

For a material to be considered “biocompatible” it must be able to exist in the body without causing any harm. We can test the compatibility of dental materials with a simple blood test before selecting the materials to place inside your mouth. By using the Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing Labs we can see sensitivities by looking at antibody responses to biomaterials. Then we can create a personalized list of dental materials compatible with your body.

Most fillings done at Pure Holistic Dental are with Admira Fusion Ormocer, a ceramic based restorative material. Composites are not only safer than the traditional “silver” fillings but are also more durable because they form a stronger bond with the tooth. The materials used in composites can also help prevent future damage to the tooth as well as be used to fill a smaller area.

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