Homeoblock ™ Appliance

What is a Homeoblock ™ Appliance? 

The Homeoblock appliance is a revolutionary patented oral device that is much like a retainer in looks, but the results go way beyond teeth straightening.  This device works to correct imbalances or shortcomings of craniofacial development in an individual. Oftentimes, an individuals craniofacial development is impacted by their diet, pollutants in their environment, and early nutrition choices (breast feeding vs bottle feeding).  All of these causes, and others, can result in an imbalance in the way bone and airway structure develops. Pure Holistic Dental is ready to be your Homeoblock Houston Dentist

The Homeoblock appliance works to shift, balance, and even develop bone structure over time.  Treatment with the Homeoblock results in reshaping and remodelling of the upper jaw.  It will also help develop proper jaw positioning and more room for the tongue.  Clinically, Homeoblock treatment candidates can expect to see a broader smile and increased facial symmetry.



What Results Can I Expect from Homeoblock™?

The Homeoblock™ works with the body so that results occur naturally and over time.  This approach is far less invasive than surgery and results in a lasting change with minimal risk of reversion in results.  The Homeoblock™ appliance works by developing the bones in the face and strengthening muscles in the jay.

Results from prior Homeoblock Houston patients include the following.

      • More Prominent Cheekbones
      • Wider Smile
      • Decreased Lines and Wrinkles
      • Straighter Teeth
      • Improved Facial Symmetry
      • Treatment of Sleep and Breathing Disorders
      • Facial Enhancement and Anti-Aging
      • Development of the Upper Airway Volume

How Do I Use The Homeoblock™ Appliance?

The Homeoblock™ works similar to a retainer.  The device is meant to be used at night in conjunction with the parter POD Appliance.   The device is meant to be worn for a few hours in the daytime and during all sleeping hours.

The device is meant to harness the power of your tongue and esophagal muscles that is exerted when your swallowing mechanism is triggered. The tongue and jaw muscles will exert small forces against your teeth, gums, and bone to push and make room for the device. Over the course of a few months to years the Homeoblock’s unique design signals the body to adapt to the retainer-like structure.  The body will then respond by shifting and developing bone and muscle to adapt to the design the device has layed out for it.

*Note: Appliance Result Timeframes are unique to the individual patient and rely on compliance to protocol and invidual body mechanics.  Homeoblock Houston Patients have seen full results in as little as 6 months from start to 2+ years of usage.


Am I A Good Candidate for Homeoblock™?

The Homeoblock™ appliance is suited for a broad range of patients depending on their individual needs.  There is no age limit for use of the appliance and positive results have been seen in Homeoblock Houston patients ranging from 20-65 years of age.  The device is designed to help those that have been diagnosed with issues related to small or constrained airways, clenching or grinding of teeth, crowding in the mouth, and others.  Talk to your Houston Homeoblock Dentist to see if you are a good candidate for craniofacial development.  If the dentist does not think you are a viable candidate for Homeoblock, do not despair.  There are several expansion appliances that we work with for Airway and jaw development.  Read about them here. 


Does Your Office Have Experience With The Homeoblock™ Appliance? 

In Short, Yes, We have the most experience in Texas and the Surrounding Areas.  Dr. Krupa George was the first dentist in Texas to adopt usage of the Homeoblock Appliance for her Sugar Land and Houston patients in 2020.    Pure Holistic Dental has performed 20+ cases since inception with positive results.  Patients travel from all over Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and as far as Iowa to consult with Pure Holistic Dental about Homeoblock Treatment.


I Don’t Live In the Houston Area, Can I still Get Homeoblock™ From Your Office? 

The initial visit for the Homeoblock appliance and fitting needs to be done in person due to the fact that the prescribing doctor needs to be able to accurately diagnose and fit the device to your person.  Additional follow up visits may be done virtually with the doctors on staff at our Houston office.  If these visits are done in person, there is no additional costs for the visits, adjustments, or X-Rays if the schedule prescribed by your doctor is adhered to.  If the visits are virtual, there will be no additioanl fees for consults, however, X-Rays will need to be taken at your local dentist office at your own expense.


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