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6 Benefits of Using a Bonded Bridge to Replace a Missing Tooth

When patients experience tooth loss, there are many replacement options to consider.


Bonded bridges are one of the most widely-used methods. Here are six benefits of using a bonded bridge to replace a missing tooth. 

Tooth loss can be a devastating experience. Whether it occurs due to injury or poor oral health, the result is considerably serious. For many patients, the need for tooth replacement is two-fold. They want an effective replacement, but also one that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. In many cases, a bonded bridge can satisfy both of these requirements and more. As one of the most widely-used methods of tooth replacement, there are several reasons why this might be the best choice.

Less Invasive than Other Methods 

What is a bonded bridge? Made of resin, it is a dental prosthetic that is bonded to your adjacent teeth, eliminating the need for drilling off the enamel. This process keeps the structure of the tooth more intact, making it less invasive than a traditional dental bridge. This is also a reason why patients consider its use. Often, patients avoid necessary procedures like replacing missing teeth because of anxiety over drilling or other similar methods. With a bonded bridge, you can have one or more teeth replaced in a less-invasive manner, increasing overall satisfaction rates. 

They Look Like Natural Teeth

Aesthetics are an important part of a commitment to dental care. Not only does tooth replacement contribute to oral health, it also lets patients smile with confidence. Resin-based bonded bridges can be made to match the color and appearance of your neighboring teeth. This prevents patients from feeling self-conscious about replacing a missing tooth. Knowing that a bonded bridge will look natural is one of the many reasons why it is such a popular option. 

Will Not Interfere with Other Dental Procedures

Another advantage to bonded bridges is their ability to be removed should additional dental work need to be performed. Because of this feature, dentists will often use bonded bridges during the course of a specified treatment plan. The ability to remove and re-cement the bonded bridge is one of the reasons it can be superior to other more permanent methods. This also helps facilitate better oral hygiene by not placing limitations on additional treatments that other types of non-removable prosthetics could possibly hinder. 

The Material Is Non-Toxic

One of the most important benefits of a bonded bridge is its lack of toxicity. Composed of resin and non-precious metals or porcelain, it is not known to cause harmful effects on the human body. Unlike amalgam fillings which contain mercury, the materials used to make bonded dental bridges are safe for most patients. Holistic dentists recommend the use of bio-compatible compounds over invasive or potentially toxic methods. 

Facilitate Good Oral Hygiene

Bonded bridges securely adhere to neighboring teeth. This prevents food particles from becoming lodged in spaces or gaps. When debris is able to build up between teeth, harmful bacteria can grow, causing tooth decay. This is one reason why bonded bridges should be considered and why it might be a best choice for many patients.

They Are Cost Effective

Importantly, bonded bridges are one of the most cost effective tooth replacement options. As compared to other more invasive procedures like root canals, bonded bridges rank lower in cost and higher in patient satisfaction. This makes them an economical and effective choice for replacing missing teeth. 

Start Smiling Today

The ability to smile confidently is also beneficial to a patient’s overall health and wellbeing. At Pure Holistic Dental, we offer many options and resources to achieve optimal oral health. Our highly skilled and trained practitioners can help replace your missing teeth with bio-compatible methods like a bonded bridge. Call us today at (281) 957-1672 to make an appointment or visit our website to learn more. 


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