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Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry

We encourage preventive dentistry over harsh treatments at Pure Holistic Dental. At your first appointment we do as many screenings as you are comfortable with to determine a treatment plan. We know everyone is on a different journey to optimal health. This information will allow us to give you the best experience, as well as catch problems early on, saving money and unnecessary dental work. Also, at Pure Holistic Dental, our Sugar Land dentists aim to give you the best experience.

Checkups and cleanings: Cleanings start by removing all plaque, tartar, and calculus from the teeth. Then the gum tissue is checked, and compared to previous visits for any changes. If our patients develop gum disease, we work together to control it. Likewise, if our patients have cavities, our first approach will be to determine if it possible to reverse such cavities. We also go over homecare products, routines and make recommendations if needed.

Holistic Mercury Amalgam Removal

“By investing in thorough examinations upfront, we pave the way to a lifetime of dental and bodily health,”

– Dr. George.

 Saliva pH Testing– Used to measure the acidity or alkalinity in the mouth. When the pH balance is off there can be serious affects to your dental health. Cavities and damage to tooth enamel are both risks from too high or too low levels. We can help bring balance back to your mouth.

Gum TherapyAlso known as scaling and root planning, gum therapy is ideal for patients with signs of gum disease. Usually these patients aren’t able to effectively remove all the plaque with brushing and over time gums become inflamed.

Oral Cancer Screenings– Having these screenings is important to catch mouth cancer early. They can also pick up on precancerous conditions in a patient’s mouth.

“We need to work to find the root cause and work to manage it, that’s the key…”

– Dr. George

Meet Dr. Krupa George

 Ozone Therapy– Ozone kills bad bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoans. It also removes breakdown and debris. Ozone is a supercharged oxygen molecule, 03. When formed, it is highly reactive and will burst infectious cells like viruses or bacteria. Ozone is made in our office with the latest generators. This natural substance is both an antioxidant and antibacterial with no side effects.

Ozone Benefits

  1. Reverse cavities
  2. Eliminate gum disease
  3. Reduce sensitivity of filings
  4. Stimulate healing after surgery

Fluoride Free Cavity Prevention– A common misconception is that fluoride can prevent and/or reverse cavities. In reality, fluoride can  actually weaken the tooth enamel and causes tooth fractures. Studies have shown that fluoride has no huge benefit.

Here at Pure Holistic Dental, we believe in fluoride-free cavity prevention. Our approach is focusing on the pH balances of the saliva and making adjustments to patient’s nutrition.



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