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Laser Dentistry

At Pure Holistic Dental, Dr. George’s vision is to provide advanced dentistry to reduce invasive antibiotics while being effective.

Laser dentistry is safe and effective. There are many different ways to use lasers in dentistry so we have many different types of lasers at our office.

Gum Therapy

Bacterial reduction using lasers for gum cleaning treatment is very common today. A diode laser is great to reduce any bleeding, inflammation, or swelling of your gums which is a sign of bacteria trapping.

If you are diagnosed with gingivitis or periodontitis in your gums, a laser can be used to reduce and decontaminate the gum tissue and pockets around the teeth. One of the therapies we offer for gum disinfection is laser therapy using a diode non-cutting laser alongside an ozone wash. Laser therapy will follow a cleaning ultrasonic removal of tartar, fine scaling and removal of plaque and biofilm with an ozone wash. The laser sends a specific light frequency which kills unhealthy bacteria in areas that are too deep to reach with instruments. Diode laser treatment does not require any anesthetics or numbing shots as it is non-cutting.

Bone Regeneration Laser

After periodontitis stays untreated in the gum, the bone around the teeth will also shrink. Bone loss is a common side effect from gum disease which is typically not treatable without surgery. At Pure Holistic we have invested in a CO2 laser that can regenerate bone without any invasive surgical procedure. A CO2 laser sends energy into the gum pockets to stimulate bone cells called osteoblasts to proliferate.

Laser Snoring Treatment

Not only is snoring a nuisance for bed partners, it also shows that you are not breathing well to great quality sleep. Snore laser can also be used for patients who have already been diagnosed with sleep apnea to improve the problem at the root.

Our airways assessment is done for all patients at their comprehensive exam. The DEKA Snore laser will reduce, and even eliminate, snoring. Patients who receive this treatment often report waking up feeling more refreshed and their spouses too! The DEKA QuietNite Fractional Handpiece does not require you to wear a device when you sleep and involves no chemical treatments. It only requires that you have 3 separate treatments every 2-3 weeks to improve your quality of sleep and reduce snoring.

PBN Laser for Surgery Heal

In cases where dental surgery is needed, we are able to use healing lasers to improve blood flow and promote healing. Photobiomodulation therapy is light energy that helps you heal faster to reduce complications.


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