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The best way to find trustworthy dental services is to look into dentist reviews. Below are just a few of the amazing reviews we’ve gotten from our clients!


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Best experience I’ve had with a doctor / dentist by far. Dr. George, Deb and Billad went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and my experience was as great as possible. Also, it is very clear to me that Dr. George genuinely cares about her work and her patients. She is extremely knowledgeable, polite & welcoming. She went above and beyond my first appointment and I found some answers I’ve been looking for. I have so much gratitude to have her help along my health journey now.

Thank you guys for making the world a better place and helping so many people. & anyone considering becoming a new patient — this is your sign 🙂

P.S. — I drove 8 hours to meet with the Houston dentists of Pure Holistic Dental, and would do it again.


After seeking out a biological dentist for some time I finally found the right one. Dr. George and her staff were all very welcoming, courteous, and knowledgeable. Most importantly they took the time to explain why certain procedures should or should not be undertaken and why certain conditions occur rather than just treating symptoms topically like most dental practitioners. I am writing this today, a day after having had a deep cleaning on one side of my mouth; there is zero discomfort. I look forward to my follow up appointment in the future. 11/10 would recommend!


This place is really amazing! Dr. George and her staff are extremely kind, caring, and knowledgeable.

My girlfriend and I both recently starting seeing Dr. George as our regular dentist and we both love it!

The front desk staff are really nice and welcoming. The examination rooms are very comfortable and pleasant compared to the dentists offices I have been to in the past.

But the real value is in the way Dr. George’s practice is run! During the visit you are provided in-depth information about your oral health, the way it affects your whole body, the procedure that is going to be committed, why it is being done, and what the dental benefit is.

The visit was truly educational and it was so refreshing to not just be told what procedure was going to be committed without explanation.

If you are looking for a new dentist for yourself, children, or loved ones, I HIGHLY recommend trying out Pure Holistic Dental!


The environment is very calm and I need that because I’ve never been a fan of the dentist. The holistic dentists at Pure Holistic Dental have provided me with individual treatment and recommendations based on my teeth instead of general information. I’ve been going here for about 6 months and I’ve already seen changes in the health of my teeth and mouth.


DR.GEORGE and her AWESOME staff are really 5 Star ! From the minute they answer the phone all you will receive till your appointment time is over is the up most professional visit.You can see she employees a top trained staff. Remember disease begins in the mouth and bad health starts with your teeth and gums.Holistic Dental care is so important .There is a difference between regular dentist and DR.George and that is Advanced Education.


From inside and out this place was beautiful. It is in a very comfortable area in Sugarland right off of 59 which i loved; assessable and convenient but also safe and clean! Going in for my first appointment both front desk ladies were very presentable, mannerly , and efficient. There was no wait time for my wife and I so immediately after finishing the quick consent form we went directly back to speak with the dentist. Once we were back there it was very time efficient as well from x rays to explanation and solutions. That entire experience was remarkable. If you are into watching television they turn it to the netflix movie or YouTube video of your choice so whether laying down or siting up you are able to relax and watch your choice of television. What I loved the most was the Dentist Krupa George’s quality of care, assurance, and knowledge of her industry and holistic dental. She was very polite, charismatic, confident in her practice, and had no doubts in her solutions and that in return ensured Me and made me confident in her. Even scheduling the second appointment was simple and quick!

If I had to say something that I didnt like it would be the times they are open but they worked with me on that as well the best they could so My first experience was truly close to perfect as you can get. I look forward to the next appointment and would highly recommend anyone who truly cares about their health to go there!


This practice is the best dental experience I have ever had! After searching for a holistic approach to dentistry I came across Pure Holistic Dental. Dr. George is amazing along with her entire staff- they are friendly, fully informative, and always make time for any questions you have. As someone who detests the dentist, this place has changed my view all together. Highly recommend. I will be a patient for life!


I was really excited to find a true holistic doctor closer to our side of town. The staff is friendly and professional, and the way they run things really helped my anxious kiddo feel better about his experience there. Dr. George is incredibly knowledgeable and up-to-date on holistic research and methods. I feel like we found a gem of a dental office!


I had a great 5 star experience with Dr. George and Andrea! I had been waiting to have my infected gums treated by holistic dentists for a few months and finally found someone close to me who would see my children on the same day. I had a really good cleaning with ozone and got a really nice natural mouthwash from their office too! My baby did really well with the nurse and even got his teeth cleaning and polished without causing any trouble. I can’t wait to make my wife an appointment for her cleaning too because I know she has not been in for a very long time.


Kaylie, Deb, Andrea, and Dr. George welcome you with a big smile and friendly aura! I knew I was in the right place to take my oral health to the next level! My teeth feel extremely clean like never before!!! I am excited to join Pure Holistic Dental family!


Had an absolutely amazing experience at my first visit with Dr George. Her knowledge is unparalleled in the field of biological dentistry. Our conversation about my health was unlike any I’ve had with a dentist including diet and function. She answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns with great skill and knowledge and put together an excellent plan of care. I very highly recommend her and her staff.


Yesterday I had 3 amalgam fillings removed and replaced by Dr. Boone. Excellent experience. My only regret is not coming to him sooner! 2 more fillings to go and I will be mercury free!! If you need your amalgam fillings replaced, do not put your health at risk with a dentist that does not take all the safety precautions necessary for removing such a toxic substance. Pure holistic dental is amazing and worth every penny!!!


Fantastic dentistry! The waiting room was clean, and aesthetically pleasing – it was easy to wait and not feel nervous. All the staff were very kind and informative. Dr. George is incredibly knowledgeable in her practice, and gives more options for post-care treatment than your typical dentist. It’s well worth it to be cared by her, and her team.


I was extremely pleased with the treatment that I received here. I had gum work done with ozone treatment and did not get hassled about fluoride. Thank God I finally found a modern dental office that gets me! No fluoride and my dental nurse was really friendly too. She saved me from getting any shots by using a special blue gum gel. Glad I’m on a healthier journey I already feel fresh breath today.


One of the only dental practices that are open during these crazy times! I need to have my wisdom teeth removed. All it took was one call and they had me in the chair asap and got everything taken care of. Dr. Krupa George is a professional with amazing staff and really cares about your well being. She has me hooked, I definitely will be going back for all my dental needs!



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