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Ozone Therapy

What Is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is a broad term describing the use of Ozone gas in the medical environment. This gas can be used as a standalone for infection control or mixed with water or other liquids. Ozone, or O3, is a colorless gas used in applications for over 100 years and has been thoroughly studied.  The gas is a molecule consisting of 3 atoms of oxygen instead of the typical 2 found in Oxygen.  This extra atom gives the molecule special properties that aids in therapy.  The corrosive nature of the molecule makes it perfect for killing bacteria and sterilization of an infected area.

Why is Ozone Therapy Used for Dentistry?

One of the toughest problems to tackle in dentistry is infection control.  The mouth and oral cavity are active body parts used in every day life for everything from speaking, to singing, to eating. All of these activities create a perfect environment for bacteria to grow and thrive.  Not all bacteria are good for health, however.  This is where Ozone Therapy steps in.

How is Ozone Gas used in the Dental Office?

For Dentistry, Ozone Gas is typically used as a sterilizing agent.  When performing surgery, Ozone gas can be used to clear an infected site after a tooth extraction.  For fillings, Ozone therapy can arrest or stop bacterial growth that caused the original cavity.  For cases where a patient presents with gum disease, a hygienist may use a solution of ozonated water to help disinfect and clear bacteria from the oral cavity when performing a deep cleaning.

In all applications, its important to make sure that your provider is trained and educated in the use of Ozone Gas.

How does Ozone kill bacteria and viruses?

Ozone gas, when introduced to a microorganism creates what is called a “transient oxidative burst”. This temporary burst of gas introduces oxidizing agents to the biological systems of viruses and bacteria.  The oxidizing process disturbs the virus/bacteria at a cellular level and instantly destroys them.

Is Ozone Therapy Dangerous?

Ozone Therapy, when performed by a trained dentist, is not dangerous or harmful to health.  The oxidation process described above is not limited to bacteria and viruses.  The oxidative burst can also damage healthy cells if the therapy is performed by someone not well trained or educated in the process.

At Pure Holistic Dental in Sugar Land, TX, all of our dentists and staff undergo training to safely and effective use Ozone Gas and Ozone Solutions in their work.  You can trust that we’ve done our part to ensure that this therapy has its own safe place in our office.


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