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Safe Mercury Removal Using

The SMART Mercury Removal Protocol

Safe Mercury Removal

At Pure Holistic Dental we do not change mercury fillings without cause. We implement a SAFE protocol when we find cracks or chips in existing mercury fillings to replace these failing restorations.

Since the 1800s, silver-colored amalgam fillings have been used for tooth decay. Unfortunately, there’s about 50% mercury in amalgam fillings. There has been research proving the negative effects mercury can have on the body, including the nervous, digestive and immune systems, and the lungs, kidneys, skin and eyes. Mercury is also the third most toxic substance known to man. In fact, it is ranked more toxic than lead, arsenic, and cadmium. While we are all exposed to mercury during our life, it is important to limit the exposure as much as possible.

The mercury is continuously released from the dental filling, into the body, especially when exposed to brushing or hot liquids. Over time, this can cause health issues, which vary from person to person.

Since people have become more aware of the dangers of mercury, there has been a huge increase in patients wanting their silver fillings removed for both aesthetic and health purposes.

Safe Mercury Removal Services

Are you looking for a dentist in Sugar Land to help you remove your amalgam fillings? At Pure Holistic Dental, we can help. We count with dentists who have the education and experience in removing these fillings safely and are S.M.A.R.T certified by the IOAMT. Reach out to us!

Amalgam Filling Removal: Why Choosing SMART Certified Dentists Matters

Removing mercury-based fillings must be done safely, and performed by a dentist who is skilled and educated about the technique. Read our article to learn why SMART certified dentists should be your first choice for amalgam filling removal.

Some things to consider when researching removing silver amalgam fillings:   

  • Mercury fillings continually vaporize (i.e. leak mercury vapor) in the mouth especially when chewing, brushing, or drinking hot liquids.
  • As mercury vapor is inhaled and swallowed, it is readily absorbed into the bloodstream, passing through the various organs and into the brain.
  • Mercury from dental amalgam fillings becomes widely distributed throughout the body and can stay lodged for long periods, typically accumulating over a lifetime.
  • In autopsy studies, there is a correlation between the amount of mercury in brain tissue and the number of mercury amalgam fillings in the mouth.
  • The mercury absorbed from dental amalgams can cause body chemistry and organ function to change.

We take the toxicity of mercury seriously and use the S.M.A.R.T protocol to protect our patients and as well as staff from the poisonous vapors that come from removing metals from the mouth.


Our protocols during removal of mercury or metals include:

  • Rubber dam tooth umbrella to shield your mouth
  • Providing disposable covering for hair and skin
  • Removing the fillings in chunks so vapors are not released.
  • Using ozonized water before and after mercury replacements.
  • HEPA filter/ high volume vacuum above patients
  • Office air-purification systems
  • Ionizer to remove any additional mercury particulate in the air.
  • Rinsing with chlorella/activated charcoal to remove traces of mercury
  • Oxygen supply to breathe through the nose

We have put together a list of resources for further research into mercury and its effects on the body:

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