Amalgam Filling Removal: Why Choosing SMART Certified Dentists Matters 

Removing mercury-based fillings must be done safely, and performed by a dentist who is skilled and educated about the technique. Read on to learn why SMART certified dentists should be your first choice for amalgam filling removal.

If a patient had a filling within the last ten years, it is likely amalgam. The widely-used compound is made up of about 50% mercury, combined with other metal alloys. Due to the presence of Mercury, the compound also has the potential to be toxic. This means that amalgam fillings can wreak havoc on the human body and create a host of health problems. Importantly, the removal of these dangerous fillings is possible. But in order to ensure patient safety, the procedure a SMART certified dentist should conduct such procedure.

Why Is the Use of Amalgam Common in Traditional Dentistry?

Practitioners began using amalgam as early as the 1800s. It’s durability and resilience to moisture made it a popular method for filling gaps left by tooth decay. But in time, dentists and patients began to become aware of the harmful side effects associated with the fillings. This led to an outcry by some to find a safer solution. Amalgam fillings are expensive if we compare them to biologically-based fillings. Unfortunately, money is one of the main reasons why amalgam is still an option to fill cavities. Nevertheless, it is important to remark that amalgam can have serious consequences. This means that there is a great necessity for removal and replacement with a safe dental filling.

What Are the Side Effects of Mercury-Based Fillings?

Several studies can confirm the toxicity of amalgam fillings. Effects can vary by the person. However, some health professionals believe that the compound can affect the functioning of vital organs such as kidneys, skin, and eyes. Because an amalgam filling is in the mouth, the patient’s body is constantly under exposure. Over time, it can cause problems with lung function as well as take a toll on the immune and nervous systems.

What Is a SMART Certified Dentist?

SMART certified dentists count with the proper training and education to remove amalgam fillings safely. They complete an intensive program in conjunction with the IAOMT (International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology). As part of the program, practitioners learn to compare traditional and biologically-based methods of treatment. In so doing, they are trained in the proper removal of mercury-based fillings. This means that patients can feel comfortable knowing their biological dentist understands the hazards involved with amalgam, and knows how to take proper precautions during a removal procedure. At Pure Holistic Dental, our practitioners are SMART certified by IAOMT and remove and replace your amalgam fillings with bio-compatible alternatives.

How a SMART Certified Dentist Removes Amalgam Safely

A SMART certified dentist will employ a safety protocol during the removal of amalgam fillings. This protocol begins with the use of a rubber dam umbrella to shield your mouth. During the removal, our trained holistic dentists will also ensure to prevent the release of mercury vapors. They achieve this by removing the amalgam in chunks. To ensure patient safety, our dentists use ozonized water and chlorella activated charcoal rinse. We also supply oxygen, disposable coverings for patients’ skin and hair, and HEPA filter air purification and ionizer systems.

Replace Your Toxic Fillings with Pure Holistic Dental

We are here to help you achieve maximum oral health. And our patients understand how important holistic dentistry can be to overall health. One of the ways to avoid and prevent potential toxicity is by removing dangerous amalgam fillings. At Pure Holistic Dental, we can safely remove mercury-based fillings and replace them with minimally invasive, bio-compatible compounds. Our SMART certified dentists have the experience to provide you with safe amalgam filling removal. Visit our website or call us today at (281) 957-1672 to schedule an appointment.