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10 Questions to Ask Your Dentist

More Dentists are Becoming Holistic Every Year!

As health experts expand their thinking, do more research, and evolve their techniques, it’s becoming clear that the “Holistic” approach that was shunned by academia previously is becoming more mainstream.  This results in better care for the patient and awareness for anyone who enters the office.  

The Problem, is, however, that each of these dentists are in a different stage of their learning and may not have fully adopted the holistic mindset yet.  To help aid in your search to find a great holistic dentist, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask to make sure you’re getting the best available care.  

10 Questions to Ask Your Holistic Dentist

1) Where does oral health start?

  • Traditional Dentists
    • Oral Health starts and ends in the Mouth
    • Focus on prevention will be around hygiene (Brushing and Flossing)
  • Pure Holistic Dental / Biological Dentists
    • Oral health issues are either a Symptom or Cause of an underlying problem happening elsewhere in the body.
      • Example: Cavities can be a symptom of diet, acid reflux, or airway problems.
      • Example 2: Jaw alignment can cause posture irregulatiries, oxygen intake, or speech problems among others
    • Focus is around finding the Root Cause of the issues affecting your oral health

2) Can you describe my exam process?

  • Traditional Dentists
    • Will examine teeth and gums for any signs of infection or decay (Cavities)
    • Will recommend treatment based on these factors only
  • Pure Holistic Dental / Biological Dentists
    • Will examine teeth, gums, head & neck muscular system, sleep quality, nutrition & lifestyle
    • Will ask questions regarding diet, medications, and daily activities in search of underlying issues causing or caused by distress to the mouth

3) Can you describe your X-Ray technology?

  • Traditional Dentists
    • Uses traditional 2D X-Ray technology during every visit to monitor changes in decay
    • Uses a mix of intraoral and extraoral analog X-rays (film) exposing the patient to higher levels of radiation
  • Pure Holistic Dental / Biological Dentists
    • Uses digital 2&3D X-ray technology in limited scope, typically during first visit and to monitor problem spots as needed 
    • Uses 3D CBCT scanning to view layers of tooth & bone structure in head & neck in order to diagnose underlying problems 
    • Uses digital X-Ray technology instead of film to reduce the patient’s exposure to radiation 
    • Homeopathic medication is also given to reduce the body’s absorption rate of X-Ray radiation after any X-Ray is taken 

4) What materials do you use for fillings & crowns?

  • Traditional Dentists
    • Standard materials are used for fillings, crowns, and implants for every patient.  
    • Typical materials are amalgams that contain metals such as mercury, which can potentially cause harmful effects from leaching into the body
  • Pure Holistic Dental / Biological Dentists
    • High-Quality, metal free materials are used for every patient’s fillings, crowns and implants 
    • Patient specific materials are on-site and used when/if a patient is suspected to have a negative reaction to standard materials through Clifford compatibility testing 
    • Metal or Mercury Amalgams are NEVER used in a holistic office due to the numerous scientific studies showing negative effects of this type of treatment 

5) Do you use fluoride in your products?

  • Traditional Dentists
    • Most dental products such as varnishes, waxes, or toothpastes include fluoride to protect your enamel/dentin from tooth decay 
  • Pure Holistic Dental / Biological Dentists
    • Does NOT use fluoride in dental products due to the high levels of exposure to fluoride a patient will receive from day to day life 
    • Instead, uses materials that include micro-granulated hydroxyapatite to strengthen your teeth. Hydroxyapatite is the same natural material that your teeth are made from 

6) Do you use Ozone Therapy in your practice?

  • Traditional Dentists
    • No
  • Pure Holistic Dental / Biological Dentists
    • Yes, ozone therapy is incorporated into several aspects of a holistic dental practice including cleanings, extractions, fillings, and other preventative treatments 

7) What is your post-operative procedure after dental surgery?

  • Traditional Dentists
    • Will recommend that the patient keep the surgical area clean with an oral rinse and take extra care of the surgical site for 1-2 weeks after surgery 
  • Pure Holistic Dental / Biological Dentists
    • Any great post-op regimen will start pre-surgery 
    • Dentists will typically recommend a regimen of vitamins D2/K3/C 1-2 weeks prior to surgery and 1-2 weeks post-surgery to promote healing within the mouth  
    • Additional homeopathic pain relievers will be given or recommended to the patient in case the patient is not able to take opiate/pain relieving drugs 

8) Do you remove Mercury Fillings & What is your fix?

  • Traditional Dentists
    • Traditional dentists may or may not approve of the removal of mercury fillings as the ADA currently does not recognize the risk of mercury toxicity to the body through filling materials
  • Pure Holistic Dental / Biological Dentists
    • Mercury fillings should nearly always be replaced depending on age and risk to health  
    • Mercury is removed using the SMART protocol and with additional protective gear for both the patient and the dentist 
    • Fillings are replaced with biocompatible materials, unique to the patient,  as described above in the materials section

9) What organizations are you part of to expand your knowledge?

  • Traditional Dentists
    • Dentists will be part of the national and regional dental associations  
      • American Dental Association – ADA 
        • Texas Dental Association  TDA
  • Pure Holistic Dental / Biological Dentists
    • Dentists will be part of holistic dental associations in addition to traditional organizations listed 
      • International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology – IAOMT 
      • International Academy of Biological Dentists & Medicine – IABDM

10) How long will the process take?

  • Traditional Dentists
    • Problems can be fixed in office that same day 
  • Pure Holistic Dental / Biological Dentists
    • Creating a healthy body is a journey 
    • Treatment will focus on first eliminating infection & disease to “stop the bleeding”, then solving underlying issues to prevent those problems from continuing to harm your body


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