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Biological Tooth Extraction

Biological Tooth Extraction

Our goal at Pure Holistic Dental is to try to save our patient’s tooth. However, there are situations when that is not possible, which include: no structure left above the gum, tooth is cracked/fractured or tooth has serve infection. Once we have determined the tooth must come out, we use a procedure to extract it as safely as possible.

Dr. George is proud to offer a biological tooth removal protocol that was developed from studying the works of Dr. Huggins, as well as attending biological dental networking events and training.

The extraction process follows these rules:

  • Oral Vitamin C Supplementation 1-2 weeks before and after the procedure
  • Minimize trauma to the bone around the tooth by using instruments that are thinner and lighter than typical dental tools
  • Remove all bacteria and infected tissue from the site by using ozone and cleaning tools
  • Use buffered anesthetics with acupuncture spot massage to stop burning feeling of the shot
  • Clean PDL ligaments and infected bone to promote a healthy EAV reading
  • Use numbing agent that has the least amount of epinephrine to promote healthy blood flow
  • Use most biological bone graft material to prevent inflammation and rejection. The PRF is made from the patient’s blood factors and Tricalcium Phosphate
  • Use ozone gas to get a jumpstart on the healing process and kill bacteria
  • Provide a clean environment for mouth to heal with good hygiene, clean products, proper nutrition, and homeopathic medicine.

By following this procedure list, we have found the healing process happens quicker with the least amount of pain.

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