Dr. Krupa George, a passionate advocate for holistic dentistry and healthy living, opens up about her journey to establishing Pure Holistic Dental, a dental practice dedicated to patient-centric care and overall health.

In a recent interview, Dr. Krupa shared her motivation behind creating a dental office that stands out in terms of patient-focused care and the commitment to pure, toxin-free materials and practices. She recognized that underprivileged communities often face limitations when it comes to dental care, with government-funded sources affecting the quality of materials and patient attention. This realization fueled her drive to establish a dental office with a different approach.

Pure Holistic Dental is a health-focused dental practice that prides itself on using zero known toxins or subpar materials in its procedures. Dr. Krupa George and her team are committed to offering fluoride-free, BPA-free, and metal-free restorations. The defining ethos of their practice is “Educate, Advocate, and Empower” – focusing on educating patients about their treatment options, advocating for changes in traditional dental offices, and empowering patients to make informed decisions regarding their health.

The journey to establish Pure Holistic Dental was no easy feat. Dr. Krupa spent nearly two years planning her office, and the practice opened its doors in February 2020 amidst the global pandemic. The challenging circumstances, including dental shutdowns and quarantines, did not deter her commitment to patient care. In fact, the pandemic encouraged many individuals to focus on their health, leading to open discussions about their dental options.

Dr. Krupa reflects on her entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing that it’s an arduous path with constant challenges. She highlights the importance of trusting oneself and the team while navigating a path filled with unexpected issues. “It’s like building the plane while flying it,” she notes, requiring grit and determination.

Dr. Krupa George wants the world to know that Pure Holistic Dental is more than a dental practice – it’s a place where patients’ health goals are the top priority. The team at Pure Holistic Dental is dedicated to spending quality time with their patients, offering focused attention, and ensuring patients are well-informed about their choices.

For individuals visiting Houston, Dr. Krupa suggests exploring the city’s vibrant food scene and the great outdoors. Her recommended spots include Spotts Park, Buffalo Bayou Trail, Lake Conroe, Cullinan Park in Sugar Land, and Kemah. For food enthusiasts, she recommends trying local restaurants like Traveler’s Table, Mahesh’s Kitchen, and Cava, known for their fresh and healthy options.

Dr. Krupa George expresses her gratitude to her husband, Leslie, for his unwavering support throughout her journey and to her mentors in biological dentistry, including Marilyn Jones, David Francis, and Kelly Blodgett, for their invaluable guidance.