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The International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) provides practitioners with abundant resources regarding a holistic approach to oral care. Furthermore, dentists who complete IAOMT certification programs are knowledgeable in holistic dentistry and non-toxic methods of treatment. Read on to discover the benefits associated with choosing IAOMT dentists.

Your health care is paramount. Selecting the right dentist can make all the difference to your overall well being. The field of holistic dentistry is dedicated to discovering and employing non-toxic treatment methods. In traditional practice, patients can experience a wide range of health problems brought on by potentially dangerous practices, like using amalgam fillings. Therefore, in response to the need for an integrative approach in dentistry, the IAOMT informs and educates dental professionals in the use of safe and biologically-based practices. Because of these  specialized resources, IAOMT dentists can help you achieve optimal oral health holistically.

What Is the IAOMT?

The International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology is an organization that promotes the practices associated with biological dentistry. It also educates dentists in those practices. Composed of doctors and scientists from around the world, the organization focuses on researching and replacing traditional treatments that carry the risk of toxicity. Established in 1984, it has a history of researching holistic alternatives to potentially dangerous treatments such as root canals, mercury-based fillings and other risky therapies. This is why choosing an IAOMT dentist has a host of benefits.

IAOMT Dentists Have Access to Holistic Resources

When a dentist becomes a member of the IAOMT, they receive access to an array of helpful resources. This means that they are better able to employ the safer practices associated with holistic dentistry. By contrast with traditional dentists, those practitioners belonging to the International Association of Medicine and Toxicology are knowledgeable about biocompatible treatment methods. As a result, such knowledge benefits the patient through integrative and non-toxic care.

They Can Become SMART-Certified

The IAOMT provides dentists with the opportunity to receive SMART certification. This specialized training provides instruction in the proper removal of mercury-based amalgam fillings. Because the compounds used in these fillings are potentially toxic, they can create a panoply of health conditions for the patient. The use of amalgam fillings is quite common in traditional dentistry. In contrast, IAOMT dentists do not ever use amalgam fillings. They avoid using them to prevent future health potential issues in their patients.

IAOMT Dentists Can Receive Accreditation

When a dentist receives accreditation through the IAOMT, they complete hundreds of hours of research and rigorous training in biological dentistry. This provides them an advantage over traditional practitioners and helps build patients’ trust. In fact, these holistic dentists will be able to provide safer alternatives to standard care and focus on an integrative approach to oral care. You can find an IAOMT accredited dentist and other knowledgeable members by using the organization’s online directory.

They Are Dedicated to Holistic Oral Health

IAOMT dentists’ main goal is to provide the highest level of holistic care. This means that patients receive the benefits of non-toxic therapies and biocompatible methods of treatment. Also, the devices that used by these dentists are composed of safer materials like mercury-free fillings and resin-based bonded bridges. Unlike traditional dentists, these holistic practitioners address the overall well being of patients, resulting in an experience that facilitates optimal oral care.

Choose Holistic Dentistry, Choose an IAOMT Dentist Today

Your journey to better oral health begins now. At Pure Holistic Dental, we uphold the standards of the IAOMT and are committed to our patients’ satisfaction. The benefits associated with choosing an IAOMT dentist are endless when you consider that oral health is a lifelong pursuit. Contact us today to begin receiving non-toxic, biologically based care. Call (281) 957-1672 or visit our website to learn more.