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The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM) has many resources to help you locate a holistic practitioner. Read on to discover what they can offer.

Where can you find a trustworthy holistic dentist? The task might seem daunting at first. However, that is why the IABDM offers patients help in this regard. Many patients are seeking a more bio-compatible way to address their oral health. Often, the best way to accomplish this is by visiting a certified holistic dentist. While practitioners can vary in the treatments they offer and how they perform those treatments, they will each take a holistic approach. Selecting a trustworthy holistic dentist is easy thanks to the IABDM.

What Is the IABDM?

The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine  (IABDM) is an institution that trains and certifies dentists in holistic methods. Founded in 1985, the academy aims to replace toxic dental procedures with bio-compatible methods of treatment. Furthermore, this mission is accomplished through the integration of science, electromagnetics, energy, nutrition and an array of homeopathy. They also offer extensive training for dentists who seek to become certified through the IABDM. Their accredited programs provide practitioners with the knowledge they need to take an integrated approach to treatment, one that focuses on the patient’s body, mind, and spirit. This holistic model not only promotes the use of non-toxic methods in dentistry, but also fosters a patient’s overall wellbeing and can increase satisfaction rates.

How Can I Find an IABDM Certified Dentist?

Finding a certified holistic practitioner is as simple as visiting the IABDM website. They provide a directory of IABDM certified dentists and other professionals. This streamlines the process of finding a dentist and eliminates the task of having to search and sort between traditional and holistic practitioners. In short, this one-stop directory facilitates the process of finding and selecting a biological dentist in your area. Patients can be assured that each practitioner listed in the IABDM directory has passed the certification process.

What Is the IABDM Certification Process?

The IABDM assures patients that each of their certified professionals has been thoroughly trained and educated. This process consists of studying the foundations of biological dentistry, including non-toxic approaches to treatments such as safe amalgam filling removal, ozone, and other homeopathic therapies. Upon completion of the entire program, the IABDM requires dentists to pass a written test and complete case studies that demonstrates the knowledge learned.

Can I Trust IABDM Certified Dentists?

Holistic dentists must pass all required courses to become IABDM certified. This indicates that their knowledge of biological dentistry is vast. When a practitioner is IABDM certified, you can know for a fact that they have completed a wide-range of study. They are knowledgeable in non-toxic methods of treatment and can help you achieve better oral health through homeopathic means. Patients can expect an integrated approach to care thus decreasing the usual anxieties that come along with dental visits. One holistic dentist may practice differently from another. Regardless of any variations, though, this certification signifies that they have been educated about the recommended standards.

Find a Trustworthy Holistic Dentist Today

At Pure Holistic Dental, we care about your health. That is why we offer patients optimal dental care. Employing the standards of excellence of the IABDM, our team of practitioners provide a holistic approach to our practice. If you are ready to experience the benefits of receiving biologically-based methods of oral treatment, contact us today. Call (281) 957-1672 to make an appointment or visit our website to learn more. Your journey to better oral health is just one dental visit away.