Step into the exciting world of oral healthcare, where a game-changer called Ozone Therapy is silently shaking things up! Forget the usual dental routine because this innovative method is becoming a key player in handling oral infections. Ozone therapy isn’t your typical fix-it-all solution; it’s like a personalized superhero for different oral health issues. Whether it’s fighting off gum diseases or offering a different path for alveolitis treatment without antibiotics, ozone therapy is the versatile hero we never knew we needed. Join us on this adventure as we discover the cool and changing scene of Ozone Therapy in oral health!


The Evolution Of Ozone Therapy Over The Years

Ozone has been part of dentistry since 1840 when Schönbein identified it. Over the years, dentists have found various ways to use ozone, making it a game-changer. In 1856, it was first used to clean operating rooms, and in the 1930s, dentist Edward Fisch took it a step further, successfully using ozone to heal wounds during dental surgeries. Fast forward to today, and ozone therapy is a big deal in dentistry. It’s a great way to deal with different dental issues. Here are some ways ozone can be used to address dental issues:

Beat Tooth Decay: Ozone therapy is awesome at handling tooth decay. It’s like a superhero against those pesky cavities, working alongside the usual methods to keep our teeth in top shape.

Gum Troubles? No Problem!: If you’re dealing with gum issues like gingivitis, ozone therapy has got your back. It’s a gentle way to ease inflammation and keep your gums healthy without going all-invasive.

Bye-bye, Bad Breath: Got bad breath blues? Ozone therapy can fix that, too! It doesn’t just cover it up; it tackles the reasons behind the stink, giving you a fresh breath boost.

Fight Against Plaque: Dealing with dental plaque? Ozone therapy is like an extra soldier in the fight against plaque. It helps reduce plaque, making sure your oral health game is strong (Suh et al., 2019).


Effect Of Ozonated Water On Dental Plaque

Ozone gas is like a superhero against germs, beating chlorine by 1.5 times in the fight against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. It’s not just tough on microbes – ozone also helps improve blood circulation and boosts the immune system. That’s why people in medicine and dentistry are getting excited about using it.

Imagine ozone as a secret weapon for your mouth! It’s a fantastic mouthwash that kicks out bad bacteria and stops them from sticking to your teeth. Plus, it’s a savior for your teeth – it can help fix recently damaged teeth in just six to eight weeks. Taking care of denture plaque is super important for keeping your mouth healthy (Nogales et al., 2008).


Ozone’s Efficacy In Oral Infection Treatment

Antimicrobial Powerhouse: Ozone’s potency as an antimicrobial agent is undeniable. With an oxidation potential 1.5 times greater than chloride, it emerges as a formidable force against a spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa that contribute to oral infections.

Say Goodbye to Alveolitis: It helps implants bond better with bones, making it a suitable alternative to regular antibiotics for treating alveolitis. Ozone therapy presents itself as a promising alternative to traditional antibiotic therapy in the treatment of alveolitis. Its unique approach offers a compelling option for managing this condition, marking a departure from conventional methods.

Remineralization of Caries-Affected Teeth: Scientific evidence underscores ozone’s role in stimulating the remineralization of teeth affected by caries. Over six to eight weeks, this therapy contributes to the restoration of oral health. It presents a noteworthy advancement in caries management.

Paving the Way for Future Advancements: The efficacy of ozone therapy in oral infection treatment sparks a call for continued research and exploration. Its primary efficacy stems from its confirmed biocompatibility, attributing its effectiveness to its antimicrobial action against a spectrum of microorganisms (Gallo & Scribante, 2021). 


The evolving role of Ozone Therapy in oral infection control signifies a transformative path in dental care. From its powerful antimicrobial properties to targeted applications in various oral pathologies, Ozone Therapy is reshaping the way we approach oral health. As research progresses and awareness grows, Ozone Therapy holds the promise of a healthier, more effective future in the fight against oral infections.


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