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As time passes, more technology and knowledge are available to us. Like many things, dentistry should evolve alongside new research. So you may ask yourself: What’s the real difference between my regular dentist and a holistic dentist? Many regular dentists are trained and taught to treat pain, they often don’t identify the root cause. They do treatment dictated by your insurance, and don’t focus on long-term health. Holistic means “whole body” so that’s what we do. We focus on whole body health and how your mouth relates to the rest of the body. Our office is proudly whole health centered and our holistic dentist is located in the Houston, TX area. The team ensures that the materials we use are safe and clean for the body.

Below, we are going to highlight some of the important points when looking for a holistic dentist and why you should see one. 


Holistic dentistry is about saving as much as possible. The Holistic Dentist believe is that drilling should be kept to a minimum. The ideal mouth is one that has as many natural and healthy teeth as possible. For example; we offer services like biomimetic fillings. These are often done in place of a crown, which takes a lot of the natural tooth structure. Ozone therapy can be used to prevent the spread of tooth decay. That means we won’t have to drill and fill those starting cavities if we can stop them from growing.

Even when you need to replace teeth, we try to keep it minimal. We usually won’t suggest bridges since it requires drilling into your healthy neighboring teeth. There are many procedures that we have taken a better look at to find a less invasive method. Our main goal at Pure Holistic Dental is to keep your teeth for a lifetime so we choose techniques that allow long term success. 

Read more about ozone therapy science here:


Believe it or not, we want you to have less visits! Less visits mean that you are taking proper care of your teeth and addressing risks that make you prone to losing teeth or damaging your teeth. When you meet our holistic dentist in Sugar Land, TX you will not only receive a plan to address your main concerns, but you will also get advice and coaching to stop problems before they occur. Our goal is to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime so you can nourish your whole body with real foods that require chewing and tasting. 

Check out our belief around prevention dentistry. 



Here at Pure Holistic Dental, our holistic dentists ensure that we minimize radiation to our patients as much as possible. Our team always tries minimize radiation by taking only necessary x-rays. When we do take x-rays, we use a thyroid cover and offer homeopathic medicaments to negate the radiation afterwards. We use advanced digital technology to make sure our patients are safe. Our office uses handheld x-ray devices which results in less radiation scatter. You can trust that our office strives to be minimally invasive, that includes our x-rays.

See the science behind our technology here:


A holistic dentist understands that the whole body is connected and that each tooth is connected to a different part of the body! When we treat your tooth, we keep your body in mind. Many traditional dentists are trained to treat pain. This means that the root cause is left out of sight and out of mind. There are biological reasons why those cavities never seem to go away or why that night guard never fixes your grinding. Your oral issues go much deeper than just the mouth, and vice versa! We see that very often that we can also help the whole body function optimally when we seek out signs and symptoms in your mouth. 

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