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Why you don’t need a Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

You may have been told by your dentist that you need a night guard for grinding or clenching. The truth is that a dental guard may not stop any causes of the problem. Grinding teeth can be caused by many things other than tooth wear. Causes include muscle tension or an issue with the temporomandibular joint. The symptom of grinding teeth is a dental disorder called bruxism. A night guard may provide relief temporarily if you are experiencing TMJ issues. But otherwise, there are better ways to stop teeth grinding without having to use something as bulky and uncomfortable as a dental guard your whole life. 

At Pure Holistic Dental in Sugar Land, TX we can tell if there is another reason that would require the use of a night guard, but for most people who grind their teeth, these 3 FACTS will help you sleep at ease. 

Is Grinding caused by Stress?


1) Grinding is only PARTLY caused by stress or muscle tension in the jaw joint. Stress can be relieved with meditation exercises or other relaxation techniques. If the root cause of your grinding is caused by stress or other negative emotions, wearing a night guard will not stop these issues from occurring.  In fact, wearing a night guard may lead to further problems with your muscles in your head and neck further on.  

Take a look at the report below from the National Institute of Health for more information around the emotional causes of bruxism.

Is it normal to Grind my Teeth?

2) Grinding your teeth is compensation for a deeper health problem that can happen as you sleep or during the day. Most people are unaware that they actually grind or clench their teeth until a dentist shows them the damages and signs in their mouth. 

Pure Holistic Dental recommends addressing the root cause of your grinding habits and will help uncover underlying disorders. Our Houston, TX doctors look for solutions to help patients who grind their teeth excessively.  They will address those causes by identifying underlying causes like breathing and sleep disorders. We have been providing solutions and services for years to our health-conscious patients in need of airway therapy and dental guards.

You can lookout for signs of clenching and grinding on your own! Sometimes they can be bony growths known as tori:

Our holistic dental clinic works with you to resolve your problem permanently rather than finding a temporary solution that will cause your symptoms to recur over and over again. We will provide you with the knowledge and resources to target the root cause as opposed to patching your problem with a hunk of plastic!

The latest research and knowledge surrounding sleep and airway shows the potential causes of bruxism are linked to nighttime breathing difficulties. Conditions linked to these issues are upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS) or obstructive sleep apnea.  Both of these disorders indicate a severe lack of oxygen during sleep.


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Will a Night Guard stop me from having sensitive Teeth ? 

3)    A common misconception about this device is that it protects teeth against having any pain or discomfort after waking up. However, there’s no evidence showing these claims are true. Gum recession is usually why people get this pain in their teeth after pounding on teeth over a long period of time. 

In fact, Gum Recession is oftentimes the reason patients feel pain. This is from the constant and excessive force over a long period of time. When a patient experiences Gum Recession, the issue  leaves the root of the tooth exposed which leaves the root structure unprotected. The latest finding in airway and breathing research are showing a significant correlation between the recession of the gums and bruxism. In order to prevent gum recession that leads to sensitivity and pain, we need to address the root cause of clenching and grinding.

Take a look at your teeth and gums to see if you have gum recession:

To find out what you really need and uncover the deeper cause of your clenching, grinding and jaw pain… come and see us at pure holistic dental in Houston, TX | Sugar Land, TX.

Our doctors are training in uncovering the root cause of issues associated with grinding and clenching.

Dr. Steven Lin and Dr. Felix Liao have put together many informational videos to aid you in this discovery.